Wednesday, 29 September 2010

latest crochet..........

Not been doing much crochet but I have been working on this since I left the U.K.   It is going to go over the back of my sofa when they finally arrive from the U.K.  It is done in Dark Green, Navy and Cream and think it will be the perfect blanket when it gets cooler in the evening here.........

we have a place to lay our head

Finally after 3 weeks of living in holiday apartments we moved into our new rented home today.  Thank goodness we can get ourselves settled.  Looking forward to having our own telly, fridge and washing machine(paul is really excited about his new telly).  I have a wee bit of a garden so as soon as possible I am going to plant some veggies and get some flower planters to brighten the place up a wee bit make it feel like our home.  It is pouring down with rain today so perfect day for moving in and waiting in for delivery men.   I will leave you with a few photos of wellington in the sunshine.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

visit to Albert park

Paul just hanging out in Albert Park
Just can`t get comfy hoping I dont get too many splinters................
I am just loving the colours look at that water and that sky.

My husband is planning on doing the skywalk and maybe sky jump.  Think he might need a wee push...........
This flower was growing in Albert Park.  If anyone knows what it is please tell me it looks similar to orchid.

First couple of days in New Zealand

Beautiful buildings in Auckland.  We walk past this church everyday I am not religous but I love churches the details in them are lovely.

arrived safe and well

Our families came to see us off at the airport.  Quite emotional for my sister and I.  She has promised she will come and visit.  Paul`s mum is already planning to visit next year,  she has visited Australia many times but it will be her first time visiting New Zealand.

We flew to Auckland with Emirates and I would recommend them,  although the flight was very long the cabin crew were fantastic.  Abit disappointed not to be upgraded to first class though...............We flew over the Maldives what a beautiful view from the plane the sky and sea are so blue just lovely

This is the entrance to Auckland Airport it is a bit fuzzy just how I was feeling.  When we arrived we were welcomed with typical scottish weather very nice welcome felt right at home straight away.

Friday, 3 September 2010

all our worldly goods packed and ready to go.......

All our stuff packed and ready to be shipped to the other side of the world.  Will take at least 2 months for us to be re-united with my crafty stuff having withdrawals already.  Took our delivery men 2 1/2 hours to put all the stuff in the van.

Really excited now, get on the plane on Tuesday arrive in Auckland on Thursday.  A long journey but so many good things waiting for us Auckland.

See you from the other side of the world xx