Sunday, 1 July 2012

Heading home to Scotland

Well heading home to Scotland after nearly 2 years in New Zealand. Really enjoyed my time there but home is calling me. I have learned loads and meet some really nice people so was very sad to go. Our wee cafe was more than we expected to achieve but did so well with the help of 2 wonderful girls who worked with us for the full time we were there and have stayed on with the new owners (so I hope they look after them or they will have me to answer to). I have learned to make a mean citrus slice and Paul is now a dab hand at a flat white and a mean long black, skills which should stand him in good stead should he decide to become a barista. Paul and I have been self-employed now for 7 years and have been lucky enough to have had 2 successful businesses so feel it is time to have a well deserved break and work for someone else for a wee change. This will give me plenty time to craft so I am very happy about this also should have time to blog again........ Just waiting in Melbourne airport to begin the 2nd part of our long journey home so 32 hours after leaving Auckland we should finally arrive in Glasgow. Me sister and niece are meeting me at the airport can't wait to see them again. Xxx