Saturday, 24 December 2011

2nd Kiwi Christmas........

 My christmas tree complete with hand made crochet snowflakes and granny square
Tootsies loving the sun.

A lovely walk on the beach check out that blue sky
Love is..........

BBQ and bubbly for Christmas Dinner.
Thank you to my sister for giving my a lovely blanket with arms I hate being
 cold.............notice all the mess this is where I create...........lots of mess..

Have a lovely Christmas and a safe New Year xxxxxx


Saturday, 5 November 2011

trip to napier

Had a lovely time in Napier very pretty town.  We visited Mission Winery isn`t it stunning.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

been making hats/ current WIP

Been making hats for my family back in Scotland this one is for my wee niece Lizzie
Lovely bottle green one for my sister
and a pinky purple one for my other niece Emma Hope they like them

                        Moving house soon so making wee bits and pieces to brighten it up the blanket is in denim blue variegated Acrylic and is going to be huge.  It is going on holiday with us,  I made the flower and heart out of jute garden twine and they are a bit rustic and very cute.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

winters last blast

stunning sunset !!!!
Hailstones the size of small marbles......
swirly clouds over Kapiti Island

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

1 year on.........................

Glasgow Airport saying goodbye to my sister and brother was extremely hard lots of tears in the airport that day.
We stopped off in Dubai and can`t believe this was the only photo I took...........
In the air passing over the Seychelles most amazing thing I have ever seen just stunning.....

              Arriving at Auckland Airport a wee bit blurry just how we
                                                      were feeling after a 30 hour flight.

Look at the colour of that sky..........Looking up at the sky tower in Auckland.  We were`nt brave enough to jump or to walk around the top.......
sightseeing in Auckland still a bit jet-lagged

Missing my comfortable couch........

A short stay in wellington before moving to Kapiti coast

Raumati Beach main street
Christmas 2010 at the beach weird just weird. 
Can`t believe it has passed so quickly.
           seen lots of these
 I made a few blankets in preparation for winter.

We have been so lucky to have found a cafe that has worked out really well for us I still miss my home country but glad I have had the opportunity to live here.  Our Cafe is still doing well, survived a winter where it snowed on the coast for the first time in 30 years.  It is now spring and the Rugby World Cup is about to begin I will be supporting Scotland and( you never know........)Soon be summer another year with Christmas in the sun ( I will never get used to that).


Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Cushion

How my cushion should have looked..............................

My version of the cushion I am really pleased with it the photo doesn`t do the colours justice.  I made 2 and both are now on the couch in my cafe.