Sunday, 14 March 2010

How to make japanese flowers

Hope this makes sense I have tried to explain how to do these flowers not great at putting down on paper what is in my head sorryyyyyyyyy........

When you have done 3 chain and 1 dtr chain 9.......

Please let me know if you have any problems with this pattern xxxx


  1. Lovely flowers ! I've noted down your instructions and I'll let you know how i get on . I just found your blog via molly and I've been having a look around. Have a good week Louise x

  2. Thank you, hope it makes sense. Just become a follower of your blog had a wee peek lots great, would love to be able to sell my stuff any hints would be great xx

  3. Hi - I just found your beautiful blog and became a follower. I will have to try your flower tutorial. I love the Template Designer blogger blog you have - it is very pretty. I just changed my template too with Template Designer. I will have to take a look at your past blogs today. But I better get some breakfast before I spend hours blogging. I love to crochet too!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments, Blankets are now finished and being enjoyed by the 2 girls I made them for. Just had a wee peek at your blog love your easter bunnies they are so cute and I agree they would lovely as bunting. The new templates on blogger are fab so much to choose from...


  5. Ooooh! This is so pretty! Thank you for the pattern!

  6. These are lovely. How would you join them together do you join them as you are creating the stars.

  7. I Love the flower going to give it try.. will let you know how it goes