Saturday, 1 May 2010

I`ve been doing a cook off

My own design first one ever its a little coin purse. I`snt it cute......

Would rather have been hooking this afternoon, but didn`t have anything left in the freezer. So did loads should last us all month. Thank goodness no cooking for me after work. Gives you a real feeling of achieving something seeing all those lovely trays in a row.


  1. Your crocheting is quite lovely. Your photo of the pretty coin purse with the needle through it is cute. And I love your cotton baby dishcloths in the previous post. I'm in my travel trailer sorting through clothes for our trip to Alaska later this month and I would rather be crocheting too. So I know how you feel. Doesn't Josh Peterson design the prettiest Blogger template. I have his "Watermark" one and this one is so pretty too with the daisy background. Have a lovely day and I hope you find time to crochet.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. Hi sandy thank you. Oh you lucky thing going to alaska. Amazing how everything else gets in the way of crochet. Plan to do very little but hook tomorrow so should be a good day. Love flowers of all kinds but daisies are so simple a lovely couldn`t resist them. Have a lovely holiday


  3. I love the coin purse and the colours through it work very well. You are so good to batch cook like that - Iam no good at it, I think if it was just hubby and me I might consider it - I try to be organised but it sometimes doesn't work out that way! **Kim**x