Saturday, 28 August 2010

Been busy doing this......................

We emigrating from the very beautiful Scotland to the equally beautiful New Zealand.  We have sold the business and our flat, bought the tickets, got the hotel booked and the accomodation when we arrive after our 27 hour flight to the other side of the world.  We have been planning this for years and all our dreams are finally coming true.  It is such a hugh step for us, leaving family, friends that we made in our wee sandwich bar but we do have the internet and webcams to keep us up to date with how everyone is doing.

Been staying in a lovely holiday cottage surrounded by fields so is really quiet and peaceful, needed that after all the packing (all 97 boxes did`nt realise we had so much junk so many due to my stash of wool.......)

Beautiful sunset

Been busy doing nothing,  my niece who is a wee sweetie started school this week.  Can`t believe how quickly she has grown.  Teachers don`tknow what they are in for yes she looks  she is her own person think this is because she has big sister and big brother to look out for her.

Will really miss my wee sister,  our shopping trips to Glasgow, and seeing her kids grow up but she has promised that she will come over to visit.

Pauls mum`s has been really supportive of our move which has helped our decision.  She has been to Australia many times but never to New Zealand.  She has already arranged to visit us next year so that will be another stamp on her passport.  We plan to be really busy starting up our business but will have a cafe that does not open at the weekends so plenty time for us to relax and enjoy New Zealand.  It does rain a lot there but we live in Scotland  helllllllllloooooo we are well used to that.
I am going to miss Scotland,  but we are going to a country where we will have a better quality of life.  We both know it will be a hard slog for the first year but we are up for the challenge.

So see you all from the other side of the world..................

Better not forget to take this.....................................................

                                                                No not the sofa................................


  1. How exciting !!! I'm looking forward to hearing about how you get on .

    Louise x

  2. Thank you, Time for leaving is coming so fast, will post when we get there, Going to be a busy couple of weeks when we arrive. Need to sort somewhere to stay, buy a business not much........ a new adventure yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee