Wednesday, 3 November 2010

clothes peg bag

Just chillin in the sun crocheting daises(check out the slippers)
 a bag to hold my pegs and I love it..........

feeling the sand between our toes, looks a bit too serious though caught him mid thought
funky furniture, this chair was covered in flowers.............
wonder how long this took to get here and where it came


  1. Hi b: Just found you - lost track of how I got here! - but am glad I did. I LOVE crochet too and will try the flowers (in your header). Hope you're enjoying NZ, one of the places I would truly like to visit.

  2. Amazing the things that are washed up on our shores.. thanks for stopping by my blog I am so pleased to have a new follower.. Hope you are enjoying NZ.. Aus is not far from you :)) Love your blog and your crochet items, peg bag is a real winner..
    Catch you soon..:))