Saturday, 23 July 2011

What a sad day

Just heard the news about Amy Winehouse such a waste of a young life.  She was so talented but just not strong enough to deal with all the pressures that go with the celebrity lifestyle.  Condolences to her family RIP


  1. I sadly lost my dearest brother to alcholism -- I miss hime every day. RIP Amy and I am sorry you could not conquer the demons in your short life.

  2. Nice to hear from you again evn though it is for this sad reason. Amy was so talented and with the most spectacular voice. Sadly I think her lifestyle and fragility and addictions were so entwined with her music....I don't know if she would have created such amazing stuff if she had been a happy, healthy, carefree girl. A very tragic loss - as is the loss of all those young people in Norway xxx

  3. Just stopping by to say Hi! Looks like everything is going great for you fun your cafe' is, and you make all your yummy treats Wow! how do you do it..
    Running you own business keeps you busy 24x7. My husband and I had our own business for many years.
    It can be very rewarding.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth