Saturday, 27 February 2010

Japanese pastel wooly flowers update

A wee update of my flower blanket. I am working on a tutorial for this pattern. Should be ready soon.

Had a really busy day in the shop this weeek. Lots of people needing feed.

Been making my own soup recently and had some really good feedback on it.

Made a lovely one on Thursday, Sweet potato, butternut squash and smoked chilli, unfortunatly I don`t like spicy but sold the lot and had lots of nice comments. I will post the recipe soon..........


  1. Hi There! I've just found your blog via my mother in law Linda. This blanket is lovely! I have just been introduced to crochet so i'm a bit of a beginner! But i'd love to give this a try. Are the instructions you've put on recently for this blanket?
    Nice work!! I hope the teenagers like them!

  2. Hi thank you the girls loved the blankets. I have done a step by step on the next page hope this helps. Loved doing this blanket it was so quick and easy.

  3. were do I find the next page now?

  4. This blanket is so beautiful! Do you have a direct link to the tutorial? I don't really know this website very well and hae looked but I can't find it :(

  5. this is where she shows us how to make it....its soooo pretty I cant wait to try it....

    hope it helps you all now to make it!!

  6. Love your blanket!! I'm working on a basket weave blanket right now, but something like this could make a nice next project. Beautiful colours!

  7. I love it!You are just amazing!!