Saturday, 27 February 2010

Working on 2 blankets at the moment this is the second one. The pattern is from this book, The pattern is called suffolk puffs or yo-yos. I have added on petals and have been joining as I go. Loving the colour combo. I am making these blankets for 2 teenage girls I hope they like them.


  1. love your blanket!
    would you say this book was suitable for a beginner?? and is it UK or american terms??
    thanks gill

  2. Yes definately, someof the patterns are advanced but I think with a bit of perseverance you should get there. It is written in american terms.


  3. Hi there, I love your two blankets that are on the go at the moment - you have been really busy and running a sandwich shop! I have been meaning to tell you that I tried your scone recipe and they were very nice indeed - I think I very slightly overbaked them by hey I think only I noticed, to thanks. **Kim**x