Saturday, 5 June 2010

baby blankets

I love doing baby blankets, they crochet up so fast and are so sweet.


  1. They are absolutely beautiful--- Is there any chance of the pattern as I would love to make one> I hope you take that as a compliment of your beautiful work
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. Yes no problem I will make up a tutorial for you. The stitch is so easy and they work up realy quickly. Thank you so much for your all your lovely comments.

    Love Marlene xxx

  3. These are just lovely! I'm looking forward to a tutorial as I will be a Great Aunt in November and I hope to make a baby blanket for the new baby.

  4. Hi sandy and Linda I have made up a tutorial for you both. I am so glad you like it if you have any problems please contact me.

    Marlene xx

  5. I'd love to have this pattern too!