Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A visitor from the other side of the world

A friendly face from Scotland.  It was lovely to see Mairi when she was over visiting and popped into see us, was great having a catch up but also very surreal having her sitting in our lounge in New Zealand............

The best way to spend a sunday afternoon sitting on the deck making crochet flowers.


  1. So good to catch up with friends.. :))
    The colours of your cottons and now flowers are beautiful
    .A great container for the cottons too :))
    Look forward to seeing the next project using your flowers.

  2. Such pretty little flowers..I love all your colors. I'm crocheting right now too, I'm making a heart pillow for my Grand-daughter..
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  3. Hey, that's how I like to spend a Sunday afternoon too -especially with good friends.

  4. those crochet flowers are so sweet and colourful. I just love the way your cottons are arranged too :) happy crocheting

  5. Gorgeous flowers - and I'm so envious of your organisational skills. My cottons form a huge, snarled mess as soon as I turn my back on them, the little rascals!

  6. Beautiful colours!