Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A very sad day for New Zealand

My thoughts go out to all the people caught up in Christchurch earthquake.  We are in the North Island but there just a sense of shock and disbelief,  the government and emergency services are doing a fantastic job.


  1. My thoughts go out to all the people in the earthquake too.
    I was thinking of you and couldn't remember which island you were on but I was hoping you were ok
    Kate, Tasmania :)

  2. It certainly is a sad day for those in and around Christchurch and the people of N.Z , my heart goes out to them all, we have visited their beautiful city twice in the last two years and absolutely love it,

  3. A sad day indeed..I have family in NZ so it was a worrying time..
    Stay safe :))
    Pat in Tasmania..