Sunday, 10 January 2010

Back to crochet

Been itching to get back to crochet so decided to start with a quick and easy project. This is going to be a baby blanket, I bought the yarn from Lidl ages ago and been trying to find the perfect blanket, think this one will be cute. Going to finished it off with a lovely edging.


  1. Love the stitch - what is it?

  2. Hi Marie, Glad you like it, just thought it looked so different but it is very easy to do. The stitch is called crossed treble stitch, you could also do double crossed treble. I found the stitch in Jan Eatons Compendium of Crochet Techniques. You should be able to find it online though. Any questions please ask me.

  3. Hi there was going to ask the same question as above. Really pretty stitch. I have a really old compendium of different crafts and there are some lovely crochet stitches in there that I must try. Need a new project now that I have finished my ripple blanket. Dev x

  4. Hello!
    Yes, I agree its a wonderful stitch, haven't seen that before!
    I didnt know Lidl did wool? Surprising where you can find it. It does really look nice made up with this stitch. Well done.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog nice of you to pop in!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. Hi Sue I have got some lovely wool from Lidl and it is usually very good quality this wool I am working with is 100% cotton and only cost £3.99 for 6 x 50g. so very good value too. I`ll let you know the next time they have some in. Thanks for the lovely comments.

    Love Marlene xx