Monday, 4 January 2010

A wee sneaky peak at a few WIP. Don`t know what I am going to do with the hexagon one (inspired by attic 24) done in dmc cross-stitch threads. The other one is going to be a blanket for my bed. It is done with a pattern from Jan Eatons 200 squares.

Just need to finish my current cushion and can get back to crochet. Got loads of inspiration from my christmas presents, a few more crochet books to add to my growing collection.

Back to work today in the snow and ice and we are meant to be getting more of the white stuff...... looking forward to spring a wee bit to go yet though.....


  1. Hi there thanks for becoming a "follower". I love your WIP, especially the cream bedspread. We too have some more of the white stuff forecast over the next few days, mkaes driving very difficult I must say. Look forward to reading more of your blog. dev x

  2. I am a new driver who hasn`t driven in the snow got to drive to work on Saturday not looking forward to it. Pleased you like my blanket hit a wall at the moment with it, seem to have been working on it for ages. Thanks for nice comments very appreciated and must say I have had loads of inspiration from all the lovely blogs I read.