Thursday, 21 January 2010

Perfect Scones

I love to bake and have spent a long time looking for the perfect scone.......I have found this recipe. It works out everytime and they taste delicious.

12oz Self Raising flour
3oz butter

Rub butter into flour until you have fine crumbs.

3oz caster sugar
3oz sultanas

Add sugar and sultanas into flour mix.

Now this might seem a bit weird but please trust me on this it is the reason these scones work, not sure how but it is something to do with the lemon juice and the milk reacting together. Was never very good at science...........

1 tsp lemon juice

I add this straight into the flour and mix well

100ml milk (heat in microwave for 30 seconds

Make a well in the middle of flour.
Add milk to flour mixture and mix with a metal knife until well combined.

Press mixture out with your hands till it is about 2cm (approx I use my cutter as a guide the same height). Mixture should not be too dry or too wet. You will get 5 big scones or 8 medium scones out of this mixture.

Cook for 10-12 mins at 200 degrees

enjoy straight from the oven slathered (don`t know if this is a word) with loads of butter. Or let them cool and serve with cream and jam.


1 Be gentle with the mixture (Do not over work the mixture this makes scones heavy)
2. When cutting mixture press cutter into dough and pull dough away from cutter. This will make them rise level.
3. Too much liquid will make them spread , too little liquid will make them very dry and crumbly. A wee bit of practice will let you find the perfect amount.


  1. Wow , They look amazing. I hail from Devon so know a lot about eating scones!!! Devon way cream then jam,Cornish jam then cream!!
    My Grandma always said also put the cut out scones onto a hot baking tray as this makes them start rising straight away
    Cant wait to try yours
    Kind Regards Linda

  2. Hi Linda, Thanks for your nice comments. I own a sandwich bar and make these every morning as well as scotch pancakes, so don`t usually get a chance to eat any myself although I sometimes have a wee bit of mixture left mmmmmm.

    Hope you enjoy them........

  3. Thank you for your kind comment about my dishcloth bedspread - much appreciated. I am going to try the scone recipe they sound lovely - the recipe I use has an egg in it - so it will be interesting to try something different. ** Kim