Tuesday, 5 January 2010

yeaaaaaaah postie has been

Postie has just delivered me more presents. Love Nigella Lawson and have quite a few of her books, Her recipes are so easy to follow and taste delish. Also got treated to all the twilight books, saw the first movie and thought it was fab. Don`t they all look pretty, looking forward to starting them. Oh my just watching the weather it is going to be -8 tonight brrrrrrrrr and apparently getting colder later on in the week oh goody.


  1. Love the Twilight series - took me no time at all to read the lot. I eyed off the Nigella Christmas book, but kept putting it back with all the other things I had to buy at Christmas. Maybe it will be on sale
    Bit warmer here - at least in the mid to high 30C (85-95F)

  2. Hi Bbabs, thank you for following my blog - I will follow yours too! I have the second book in the twilight series, my son gave me for christmas and I thought I may try and read a book a month during 2010! wonder if I can! nice to meet you Kim